Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Air Wear display board for showcasing product range to stores and consumers

This is our new samples board. This purpose of this piece is to show stores and customers in one 'piece' our product and design offerings. The board shows many of our products, with multiple design approaches including block lettering and barcode lettering.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Metropolis magazine explores how cutting 2 lbs from an airplane seat can make planes fuel efficient

Grn Air
Southwest Airlines’ new “green” plane flies on a message of savvy environmentalism and even savvier marketing.

By Suzanne LaBarre
Posted March 17, 2010
At Southwest Airlines’ media day last fall, the company’s CEO, Gary Kelly, introduced the plane that would supposedly revolutionize air travel. What he wanted to talk about more than any-thing, though, was pleather. “We’re testing two different materials” for the airplane’s seat covers, Kelly explained to reporters in a hangar next door to the company’s Dallas headquarters:
E-Leather, “an ecofriendly, lightweight, and scuff-resistant man-made alternative to traditional leather,” and Izit Leather, “a lightweight product that’s economical. It’s recyclable. It’s durable.” The latter, he continued methodically, as if reading a quarterly earnings re-port, “also has the appearance and the touch of leather.” The airline industry might be on the brink of failure—profits shrinking, fuel prices mounting, Green-peace nagging—but, by God, the pleather feels real.

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