Saturday, August 21, 2010

Safi - the inflight magazine for Afghanistan's airline

The Wall St. Journal wrote this past week about Safi, the inflight magazine for Afghanistan's airline. Articles cover topics such as "heroin addicts, photos of bullet-pocked tourist sites and ads for mine-resistant sport-utility vehicles".

I don't know how many souvenirs are sold in Kabul, but every heroin addict driving a mine-resistant SUV is encouraged to wear their KBL t-shirt when they travel.

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Article excerpt:

KABUL—Safi Airways, a start-up Afghan airline, ventures where few air carriers dare to go: Its in-flight magazine tells the ugly truth about the place where you're about to land.

American Airlines' magazine lists the 10 best pizza parlors in America. United Airlines has a spread headlined "3 Perfect Days: Amsterdam," presumably perfecting its 2007 article, "3 Perfect Days: Amsterdam."

In the seat pocket in front of you on Safi, you will find an article on Kabul heroin addicts, photos of bullet-pocked tourist sites and ads for mine-resistant sport-utility vehicles.

Safi Magazine Articles

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Courtesy of Safi In-Flight Magazine
In a piece in the magazine headlined, "Live Entertainment in Kabul: Dog Fighting," the writer says dogs in Afghanistan don't fight to the death, just until one proves dominant. "They are usually pulled apart before they can inflict serious damage on each other," the article assures passengers.

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The airline provides this insider's tip about one of the city's leading luxury hotels: "The rooms are individually air-conditioned, accessorized with amenities you will find in 4-star hotels abroad, sheets are clean, view from the room is nice, and—after the suicide bombing that took place—security measures have been implemented."

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