Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New London airport: Thames Estuary

London may build a new airport (and close Heathrow). We hope they'll share some Air Wear. We also wonder what the new airport's code may be? Thames Estuary Airport...Does England seem ready for TEA?

Excerpt from today's New York Times:

At the crux of the airport debate is Heathrow, Britain's main international air hub, located to the west of the capital and, with more than 69 million passengers a year, the third-largest airport in the world, after Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta and Beijing Capital International.

While it still serves significantly more passengers than any other airport in Europe, Heathrow, which has just two runways, has been operating at almost 100 percent capacity for a decade and been constrained from growing further by government indecision over whether to build a third runway.

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Set ONTario free ;)

Excerpt from today's WSJ about Ontario (California) airport trying to gain independence from LA: 

Last year, more than 62 million people flew through L.A.'s main airport, LAX, as it is known. About 4.5 million came through Ontario.

Los Angeles has managed Ontario's airport since 1967 and took ownership of it in 1985, in what was thought to be a good plan for both cities at the time.

But Ontario says that under L.A.'s management, its airport has seen traffic steadily decline, showing a 36% drop in passengers since 2007.

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