Wednesday, May 25, 2011

London-based writer Louise Driscoll reviews Air Wear. THX! (...for once, I'm not referring to an airport code)

Say it with… airport codes: Air Wear puts the destination on your travel gear
by Louis Driscoll

May 20th, 2011

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the places they choose to fly to.

New York-based brand, Air Wear is inspiring jet-setters with a favourite destination to show it, with travel gear featuring their city name of choice, its latitude and airport code.

It is like joining an “elite club”, explains Air Wear’s founder, Jason Solarek, whose brand is based around the philosophy “you are where you go”.

Solarek took his inspiration from his earlier years as a newspaper reporter where he would often travel frequently. It was a time, he says, when he wanted to “share his pride” for his hometown in Rochester (NY).

“Airport codes signal that you are in the know. People see the signal you’re sending, nod, and think, ‘so that’s where you’ve been,” he says.

Air Wear products also tap into the idea that there is a story to tell behind every airport experience or destination – whether someone would like a memento of a special holiday spot or a reminder of home.

“For the popular cities, such as LA, the palm tree shirts are cliché. We are offering a new keepsake with high novelty value,” says Solarek.

With airports becoming destinations in their own right (Singapore Changi airport is just one example with a cinema, spas, gardens and museum), it is perhaps no surprise that the mainstream crowd are choosing to make a statement by wearing their favourite airport name on a baseball cap, or slung over their shoulder.

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